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VST Instruments and VST Effects are supported

FX Teleport Manual

   Why you may need FX Teleport?
   How does it work?
   Latency and jitter?
   How is this way of working better than MIDI networking or VST System Link?
   How can I try FX Teleport with my system?
   Slave (server)
   Master (Host)
Interface overview
   Configure (Install Effects) applet
   Server Options
   Wrapper Tool Window
   Wrapper Options
Working with FX Teleport
   Opening Plug-Ins
   Local/Remote modes and selecting servers
   Working without servers
   Network latency
   Converting an existing project to work with FX Teleport
   Working with WaveShell
   Setting up several servers for the same plug-in
   Hardware notice
   Incompatible plug-ins

To purchase the full version of FX Teleport go to our site http://www.fxteleport.com or email us at sales@fxteleport.com. Please direct any questions or comments regarding FX Teleport to support@fxteleport.com

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Danny Lux, TV composer:
This product has changed the way I work. (...) I run about 30 to 40 VSTi's on FXT machines. (...) I am using FXT on every project right now... >>>

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